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Marnus Raath Optometrists has been a household name within the Stellenbosch Community since 1994.
Our practice makes use of the latest technology, techniques and products to offer the best solution for your optical requirements. You will find a wide selection of modern frames, sunglasses, sport sunglasses on display. All our optical lenses are supplied by Essilor and Nikon, world leaders in lens technology.

As a keen golfer, mountain biker and squash player Marnus has a wealth of experience in looking after the visual needs of sportsmen and woman. Advice and products (protective lenses, sunglasses and disposable contact lenses) are readily available in the practice.

Marnus Raath Optometrist is registered with all Medical Aids and process all your claims electronically. Package deals (test, frame and lenses) to suit your pocket are available for non-medical aid clients and pensioners.

Who visits the optometrist?

Most people only make an appointment when they notice deterioration in their vision (when they starting squinting at the TV or holding books at a distance from their eyes).

Who needs to visit the optometrist?

All children, especially those with reading and learning disorders, headache sufferers, all sportsmen and sportswomen, especially those needing excellent hand-eye coordination, all folk in the mid-forties, struggling with the near vision (presbyopia) demands of modern living, and older people, to enhance quality of life.


In our industry, “regular eye tests” means an annual visit to the optometrist

Marnus Raath Optometrists keeps up to date with the latest technology and procedures – we use a tonometer (for Glaucoma testing), and an auto-refractor, opthalmoscope, slit-lamp and keratometer (for diagnosis and refractive error evaluation).


An eye test thus involves a pathological diagnosis of the general health of the eyes, including the outer eye (lids and tear layer), the eye itself (cornea, iris, lens and retina) and then measurement of the refractive error that may be present for near and far vision.

The challenge of sight, and thus the challenge for the optometrist, is to get both eyes working together to give a person binocular vision – both eyes working in tandem to achieve a wider field of vision and depth perception (stereopsis).

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